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Super White Microcrystal Stone Tile

A Brief Buying Guide – Shop for Cement Porcelain Tile & Others

Ceramic or porcelain? Which one’s durable & versatile?

People often share their fair deal of confusion regarding their choice of tiles. Shopping tiles isn’t an easy task if you’re doing it for the first time. The daunting guides make it way too complicated for new buyers to accomplish their objectives within a short period.

Cement Porcelain Tile
Cement Porcelain Tile

Without gesticulating further, let’s come to the straight, point-driven explanations for choosing tiles.

Ceramic or porcelain. Both qualify as contenders due to the excellent characteristics of being versatile, variegated, and practical. Since they can be produced to carry the impression of natural stone, cement, brick, or hardwood, they provide a superior look and feel.

Edges. Rectified and pressed edges are popular these days. Rectified edges are cut during the time of production for allowing thin grout lines. Pressed edges are rounded, giving a dimensional look.

Finishes. When you choose a cement porcelain tile, you’ll be given the options of matte & polished finishes. For walls, the polished finishes give a sophisticated look and feel. In a classic style, the matte finishes with slip-resistance give a valuable addition.

Durability & maintenance. On this one, you must listen to the tile installer and find out the best methods to ensure proper maintenance of those tiles you have installed.

On browsing the Internet, you can find a variety of porcelain tiles, including Travertino Porcelain Tile, Calacatta Porcelain Tile, Ivy Hill Tile, and so on. Consider the space for appropriately choosing the tiles & their installation.

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